Welcome to Twin Cities Staycations! I’m Rick Trethewey.  I grew up in Minneapolis, and attended De La Salle High School and went to the University of Minnesota.  In 1983, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and lived there for 24 years before family circumstances brought me back in 2007.  Often in my adult life, I’ve had times when it was a struggle in making ends meet, so since the country had gone through a recession I thought it was a good time to share some of the things I’ve learned that help make the best of a limited budget.  These days, I’m much more focused on fun things for families to do together that are affordable for just about everyone.

I’ve been very lucky to have had great parents and family to support me and to help me when I needed a loan when times were tough.  I love to cook, which gave me a lot of experience with grocery shopping – often with little to spend.   I worked in a department store during college before everything was computerized, so I know how business promotions operate from the corporate level to the store level which has raised my resistance to gimmicks.

I am a website designer and search engine marketing consultant. I help small businesses create an online presence and get their stories out on the Internet. Minnesota has long been a high-tech center, and so my education here gave me a head start. I enjoy the work and the opportunities it gives me to see the issues that face other businesses.

My side  businesses in animation art and collectibles and reviewing books led me to make several trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World both as a tourist and as a member of the press, so I’ve also seen how the other half lives, as my mother used to say.   All in all, I have a lot of experience in making the most of life without spending a lot of money.  And I hope to share the things I enjoy with my fellow Minnesotans, and have you share your secrets to happiness, too.